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Our mission is to help the disadvantaged children and disabled people in Vietnam gain the skills and opportunity to live their best life and be productive citizens.

Organizations We Fund

One of the most effective ways to attack the problem of discrimination and marginalization of the disabled communities is for NGO's and charities to align their resources and work together. We believe individuals and small groups can achieve great things but when we work together, everyone's efforts are increased exponentially. Rather than launch our own programs to address these inequities in our own small way, we fund organizations whose missions align with ours. Funding strong, mission-aligned organizations ensures their longevity, ability to expand and increases their effectiveness by allowing them to focus on their programs and supporting the disabled community rather than constantly working to raise money.



Maison Chance  in Vietnam provides housing, healthcare, education and vocational training, and a place where the under-privileged children and the disabled can study and work. It also offers them the means to facilitate their rehabilitation and their reinsertion into social life.


VINAHF’s mission is to provide food, livable shelter to the minor children with disabilities parents, minor children are dropped out school due to family financial crisis. The orphanages are living in the remote areas, and be forgotten by the world.

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